SC AgriWellness

We should all have a chance to lead a better life. At First Sun EAP, we provide services to give farmers and their families that chance. The SC AgriWellness program is free to South Carolina farmers and their household members. Use the program’s services to help you grow personally and professionally.


Farmers and Families — Live better when you use your well-being services to the fullest. Our services are designed to help you and your household family members pursue your personal and professional dreams. Farmers and their family members receive three free counseling sessions, unlimited Life Management Services, and access to the online Well-being Center. See the services flyer for program details.


We put people at the heart of everything we do. Enjoy excellent customer service from caring professionals who make you their number one priority. Our experts make it easy for you to confidentially share your concerns and direct you on how to use services to achieve optimal results. Furthermore, we look to the future. In anticipation of serving you better, we are always adding innovative tools and resources that will spark your inner genius and inspire you to work and live better. 

J.E.B. Wilson (’20) is the first farmer to participate in our mosaic of Fellows. For his Fellowship project, J.E.B. worked with South Carolina Farm Bureau, Clemson University Agribusiness Extension, and First Sun EAP to create SC AgriWellness, a program that helps farmers and farm families deal with the unique stressors associated with farming their land.

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This work is supported by the Farm and Ranch Stress Assistance Network, Grant #2021-70035-35377/1027076, from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Institute of Food and Agriculture.

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